A Specialized Puma Backpack for Every Need

By | June 5, 2023

Though every company in the market still makes generic backpacks that are good for carrying random loads of items from place to place, specialized backpacks are increasingly common and refined – as many Puma backpacks prove. Many of these relate to the need to carry technology, though there are many other reasons for specialized bags to be offered.

High tech gadgets have become such a vital part of the modern lifestyle that we tend to carry them everywhere. Cell phones and smart phones keep us connected with friends, family, and colleagues even while in motion (sometimes to our peril); tablets and e-readers let us access information or entertain ourselves in nearly any situation; and laptop computers open up the possibility of working productively far from home or office. Fashionable backpacks like the Ogio backpack line are centered around carrying cases that hold a wide range of electronics.

The Puma backpack design does not go this far, but there are many packs which feature a laptop sleeve to keep this nearly universal electronic accessory safe. The mere presence of a sleeve increases the survivability of the computer, since it is kept firmly in place and cannot just “rattle around” randomly in a larger space. The sleeve in a Puma backpack is padded also, however, keeping the processor and other sensitive parts safe from unexpected jolts or impacts.

Some types of the Puma backpack that have a specialized laptop sleeve include:

  • The Shuttle Laptop Backpack is a medium-sized backpack that comes in three colors and includes a padded laptop sleeve. The main compartment forms a single piece with the laptop sleeve, while a smaller, secondary pack is attached to the lower part of this compartment on the outside. This secondary pack can be removed when light to medium loads are being carried, streamlining the backpack and lightening it. When a heavy load is involved, the secondary pack can be attached and this gives you the extra carrying capacity that you need.
  • The Stealth Laptop Backpack is a sleeker construction, without the detachable sub-pack that makes the Shuttle so versatile. Offered in black or navy, with the leaping Puma emblem and three sweeping lines that make this brand so distinctive appearing on its main panel, the Stealth houses not only a laptop sleeve but many internal pockets to hold smaller, but just as crucial, pieces of electronics. The backpack’s straps are heavily padded to increase comfort – a pleasant detail for those who mean to carry the pack for a long while – and the construction is tough but lightweight 100% polyester.

Important as laptop carrying backpacks are, there are other varieties of a specialized Puma backpack, too. Though many variations are purely aesthetic, others are functional, too. One instance of this kind of bag can be found in the following item:

  • The Sailing Performance Backpack is a square, rugged backpack made from coated polyester that resists all types of wetness, whether on the seas or off them. There is only one color choice – black with Puma red detailing. The zippers, both of the main compartment and the secondary pocket on the exterior, are fully waterproof as well once they are zipped fully closed. The shoulder straps are ergonomic, adjustable, and feature extra padding for comfort when the pack is worn for a long while.

The line of specialized Puma backpacks are designed to meet today’s needs. Puma makes it easy to carry your laptop safely wherever you go, and their waterproof pack means that supplies will be kept safe and dry even when you’re shooting the rapids on the Colorado River.